Old-School Back Training for New Gains

[ad_1] There’s a reason those classic bodybuilding photos inspire you to keep cranking out reps: Everything they did in the gym worked! If an exercise was effective for building muscle 40 years ago, chances are it’ll build muscle now. I’m not saying you have to abandon all your new-fangled gym gadgets or fancy corrective exercises.… Read More »

Everyday Beast Meal Prep Mix-Up

[ad_1] Welcome back to the Everyday Beast kitchen. I’m Rob Smith, and today we’re mixing things up a bit. One of the biggest things people overlook is that nutrition is 80 percent of the process. Sometimes we focus solely on the workout, but if you’re not eating right, it really doesn’t matter at the end… Read More »

2 Insider Moves to Build Your Arms

[ad_1] When most people think about the upper arms, they think of the biceps and triceps, and that’s where all the focus goes in the gym. But there is another, smaller muscle that you need to pay attention to if you want to maximize your muscular potential: the brachialis. The brachialis is of vital importance… Read More »

10 Mechanical Dropsets for Muscle Gain

[ad_1] There are many techniques you can use to intensify your workouts. Doing supersets, shortening your rest period, or doing cluster training or ladder sets are perfectly valid ways to make yourself work harder. Dropsets are a particularly effective technique. With dropsets, you perform an exercise set to failure, or just short of failure, but… Read More »

3 Moves to a Brick-Thick Back

[ad_1] A complete and powerful back isn’t just wide—it’s also thick and has detail that embodies strength and muscularity. Each of the following exercises builds mass throughout your back to give you the thickness and strength to match your width. Building mass is about making your muscles work harder, so use whatever assistance you need… Read More »