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Abel Albonetti’s Workout for Back Annihilation

[ad_1] MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti is coming at you again, and this time he’s after your back. As usual, he’s going at it with a vengeance so you can build some serious muscle. Over 60-90 minutes, you’ll suffer through some highly demanding double—and triple—dropsets, inter-set stretching, and supersets. Albonetti will have you making slight adjustments,… Read More »


Innovative HIIT Workout With Pizza-Stuffed Chicken Breast

[ad_1] Welcome back to Everyday Beast! Today we’re putting a twist on a classic comfort food. We have an awesome post-workout meal today—pizza-stuffed chicken breast (it’s good, trust me). But before I show you that, we have a unique HIIT workout to get through. For this workout, we’re going to be combining kettlebell swings with… Read More »


Lais DeLeon’s Favorite Legs-and-Glutes Workout

[ad_1] Great legs don’t just stop traffic—they shift it into reverse. NLA for Her-sponsored athlete Lais DeLeon’s shapely legs and sculpted glutes were forged through years of dedicated training, both at home and in the gym. DeLeon has tried every leg-and-glute workout under the sun, and crafted countless such workouts herself. So when she anoints… Read More »